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I sent this to the people I work with and some other friends, and thought I'd share it here too :)

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! If you do this simple little thing, I promise it feels a bit silly, but it’s really worth it.

Take the time to go outside and feel the wind on your face, take in a deep breath and smell all the grass and trees and springtime, and listen as the birds sing around you. Feel the warmth of the life-giving sun, look at all the green around you and see how happy it all is, so full of life now that spring has arrived. The leaves dance as the breeze rustles them…it’s almost like the trees and bushes are celebrating!

Notice all those little things, and then realize YOU are a part of it. You’re alive, and you should be happy and celebrating too! Little things go wrong sometimes… we have to deal with people that annoy us, or have to go to the dentist (…and get a root canal…*), or go though unfun things that really put a bad twist on our day. You have a choice to either let it get to you… or just breathe, let it go, and celebrate being alive and part of this beautiful world.

(Sorry, today just feels like a happy love-everybody day to me today.) ;D Back to work!

(*Root canal part was cause my boss had to have that done a couple days ago) ;)
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