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wicked_sairah is an awesome, sweet person who is currently low on cash. Her cat Todd needs emergency surgery or he could be in serious trouble. :( The surgery will cost $3500.

The details are in her journal here. If you can spare anything, please do. She cares so much for her animals.

Good luck, Sairah. *hugs!*
WoW - Unteeka

WoW Roleplay -- Unteeka and Amelindra

I really like freeform roleplaying, and have recently gotten back into it with my friends gibbouswolf and onefishjyuufish. So... I'm going to start putting particularly good (to me anyway) roleplay sessions here in my LJ, cleaned up and formatted, for my own perusal later. You can feel free to read them if you want, I'll try to tag them so you know what to expect. If I miss any tags I should use, feel free to let me know.

WoW, WoW Lore (meaning you may need to know some lore to understand this one), Death Knight, Priest, Blood Elf (female), Tauren (female), Emotion, Backstory, First Meeting, Safe for Work
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YAY WoW pet!

Posting this for my guildies :D Feel free to click, too, if you play! If you register, you get an in-game pet for free!

According to a Blue: The Pet will be free to users who register with the promotion and have a Blizzard account. You won't have to use points for it.

Yay! Unfortunately, it's only available to US residents. :(
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It's time...

Friend/watch list trimming:

I'm removing a few people from my list that I don't talk to anymore or I feel they aren't talking to me for specific reasons. If you've been removed and you think it was a mistake, let me know in a comment. :)
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Commentary on (the disgusting and hateful) Prop 8

foxymoonheart put this on her journal and it nearly moved me to tears. I'm sharing it with you, too, as well as what she wrote.

I'm sure many have seen this already, but I really feel this video needs to spread, in hope of opening hearts and opening minds.

(For those who don't know, Prop 8 was a California proposition to ban the rights of same sex couples to marry, which passed recently.)
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It is time...Laptop for Sale!

My Alienware laptop is back in my hands and working beautifully. So for those of you interested in buying my blue beast, here are the specs.

First off, for a quick rundown and sample specs, along with pictures:

Now for my particular specs:
17" Non-glare screen with camera, 1900 x 1200 resolution
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2x 1MB Cache Dual Core processor
Two Gigs of DDR PC3200 Sodimm AW90 RAM
Two 120 Gig SATA hard drives (5400RPM)
RAID System (Redundant drives)
DVD+/-RW Drive
NVidia GeForce Go 7700 graphics card
Internal Wireless Card
Windows XP Pro

The Motherboard and Hard Drives are brand new, as is the (factory) install of Windows, and the rest of the parts are two years old. Nothing has been installed on the laptop except World of Warcraft to test the system, and I can uninstall it if you wish. This system has never overheated. It runs World of Warcraft and Second Life like a dream.

Stuff you get when you buy the laptop:
The laptop itself
User manuals
The power cord/power brick
Recovery CD
Nero Express Program CD
Laptop Backpack with lots of padding (this one here)
Xbrand foldable mobile laptop cooling stand (Basically a fancy name for this thing)

I have a box specifically for the laptop that I'll be using to ship it (lots and lots of padding), and everything else I would ship separately in the backpack (all wrapped up individually to keep things safe). I don't have a shipping cost offhand, but it will be additional, as well as the insurance that I have to require that you buy.

My current asking price is $1199.00 USD, but I will of course be taking offers as well. I may be interested in some items being used as trade (art or fursuit stuff, specifically). If you're interested in the laptop, or have any questions, please email me (teekachu AT gmail DOT com).

And please pimp me to your friends! If you end up referring a buyer, I'll do something nice for you, too! :D

Thanks a bunch! ^.^
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I sent this to the people I work with and some other friends, and thought I'd share it here too :)

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! If you do this simple little thing, I promise it feels a bit silly, but it’s really worth it.

Take the time to go outside and feel the wind on your face, take in a deep breath and smell all the grass and trees and springtime, and listen as the birds sing around you. Feel the warmth of the life-giving sun, look at all the green around you and see how happy it all is, so full of life now that spring has arrived. The leaves dance as the breeze rustles them…it’s almost like the trees and bushes are celebrating!

Notice all those little things, and then realize YOU are a part of it. You’re alive, and you should be happy and celebrating too! Little things go wrong sometimes… we have to deal with people that annoy us, or have to go to the dentist (…and get a root canal…*), or go though unfun things that really put a bad twist on our day. You have a choice to either let it get to you… or just breathe, let it go, and celebrate being alive and part of this beautiful world.

(Sorry, today just feels like a happy love-everybody day to me today.) ;D Back to work!

(*Root canal part was cause my boss had to have that done a couple days ago) ;)
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Public Note:

This is a public message to those new to my journal or not logged in (though I know it will show up on my friends' pages as well).

All public and friends-only LJ entries prior to November 18, 2007 have been set to private. I have also deleted my Myspace account (not that I ever really used it anyway). People that I don't know and my blood-family have been finding me online in various places, and I'm trying to reduce the occurances of this. Internet "fame" is not worth the hassle of not feeling safe.

My apologies for any inconvenience.
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