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It is time...Laptop for Sale!

My Alienware laptop is back in my hands and working beautifully. So for those of you interested in buying my blue beast, here are the specs.

First off, for a quick rundown and sample specs, along with pictures: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/notebooks/Alienware-Aurora-m7700.htm

Now for my particular specs:
17" Non-glare screen with camera, 1900 x 1200 resolution
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2x 1MB Cache Dual Core processor
Two Gigs of DDR PC3200 Sodimm AW90 RAM
Two 120 Gig SATA hard drives (5400RPM)
RAID System (Redundant drives)
DVD+/-RW Drive
NVidia GeForce Go 7700 graphics card
Internal Wireless Card
Windows XP Pro

The Motherboard and Hard Drives are brand new, as is the (factory) install of Windows, and the rest of the parts are two years old. Nothing has been installed on the laptop except World of Warcraft to test the system, and I can uninstall it if you wish. This system has never overheated. It runs World of Warcraft and Second Life like a dream.

Stuff you get when you buy the laptop:
The laptop itself
User manuals
The power cord/power brick
Recovery CD
Nero Express Program CD
Laptop Backpack with lots of padding (this one here)
Xbrand foldable mobile laptop cooling stand (Basically a fancy name for this thing)

I have a box specifically for the laptop that I'll be using to ship it (lots and lots of padding), and everything else I would ship separately in the backpack (all wrapped up individually to keep things safe). I don't have a shipping cost offhand, but it will be additional, as well as the insurance that I have to require that you buy.

My current asking price is $1199.00 USD, but I will of course be taking offers as well. I may be interested in some items being used as trade (art or fursuit stuff, specifically). If you're interested in the laptop, or have any questions, please email me (teekachu AT gmail DOT com).

And please pimp me to your friends! If you end up referring a buyer, I'll do something nice for you, too! :D

Thanks a bunch! ^.^
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